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RydeSafe Reflective Stickers | MultiStripes Detail Kit - XL

RydeSafe Reflective Stickers | MultiStripes Detail Kit - XL

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- Available in 8 colors
- 23" x 11" sheet
- 60pc. stripes of varying thickness (3/16" - 1/2" - 1" - 3" )
- Made in America

The RydeSafe MultiStripes Kit is filled with self-adhesive decals of varying thickness. It gives you plenty of options for whatever high visibility project you take on and will fill your life with reflectivity.

We cut our reflective stickers from an engineering-grade reflective film. They contain microscopic glass spheres that reflect light back to its source.

RydeSafe Reflective Decals are not intended as a substitute for safety lights, but will increase your visibility on the road.

Reflective stickers for bikes, motorcycles, helmets and more make you safer at night. These reflective decals reflect light  back to its source, making you more visible on the road at night and in low-light conditions. Customize your gear to your preference. All 8 colors.

RydeSafe Reflective Stickers XL Multi Stripes Kits - available in 8 colors
RydeSafe Reflective pinstripes on a customize fixed gear bike - custom paint job

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