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 RydeSafe Bike Lights - USB Rechargeable - Available in 7 Colors

Personalize Your Ride: Available in 7 Colors


You have a lot of bike lights to choose from. From what we could tell, the ones that use the newest technology all seem to look the same. And the fun colorful ones are not rechargeable and kind of junky - bound to break when you need them most.

RydeSafe's newest product gives cyclists a way to customize their rides, no matter the style. And they also integrate the latest greatest technology. A long lasting battery. Super bright 10 Mini LED Strip with four different light modes to suit your conditions. (High, Low, Flash, Breathe) 

RydeSafe Bike Light - Available in 7 ColorsRydeSafe Head Tube Bike Lights - USB Rechargeable - Available in 7 Colors

RydeSafe Bike Lights - USB Rechargeable - Available in 7 Colors

RydeSafe Head Tube Light: Saves Room on Your Handlebars

Depending on your bike's setup, handlebar space can be in short supply. If you mount a bell, computer, or phone even less so. The solution was simple, move the light to the head tube up front. The RydeSafe Head Tube light comes with a 7" long strap that'll fit even the fattest head tube. Any excess length you can fold over on itself, or trim with a scissors if you're feeling "snippy"

RydeSafe Head Tube Light

USB Rechargeable: Ride All Day

With a maximum run time of 7 hours and with 4 power modes (high, low, flash, and breathe) these little dynamos have the juice to keep you seen all day long.

RydeSafe USB Rechargeable Bike Light

 Weatherproof Like You

Rain or shine. For many of us, biking is a year round undertaking. Whether you ride to work, for fitness, for fun or all of the above. RydeSafe Lights use a silicone shell with a seal around the power button which make them IPX4 Water Resistant. This means driving rain and bike splashes will be no problem if that's your thing.

RydeSafe Bike Light 
Power Without the Weight

If you're trying to keep your bike's weight down, rest assured, the front and rear lights weigh 56 and 50 grams respectively. They're bright, long-lasting and won't weigh you down.

RydeSafe Head Tube and Rear Safety Light