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Our Mission

RydeSafe Reflective Decals are a low-cost bike safety solution. They’re designed to make people more visible to motorists. It all started a back in 2011 with a humble Kickstarter Campaign to produce a small run of reflective stickers. Now we ship all over the globe to help keep cyclists safer at night.


We also have a mission to make our growing cycling community more visible to the media, to policy makers, and to everyone who needs to be reminded how great cycling is.

We believe that bikes are a global solution to many of our civilization's problems: energy consumption, pollution, health/obesity to name a few. Not to mention, biking is just a whole lot of fun and we intend to spread the word.


We love to support the cause in any way we can. One of our favorite institutions is Transportation Alternatives in NYC. TA is a 40 year old organization with thousands of active members. They fight for policy changes that promote safe streets in New York City and around the world. Each year we sponsor their Bike Home From Work Party.

If you have a group or a ride or some other sort of venerable project, we are interested in helping. Usually that takes the form of donated product. If that sounds cool or if you have another idea, drop us a line.

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