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RydeSafe Bike Spoke Reflector Kit

RydeSafe Bike Spoke Reflector Kit

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Customize your Bike.
Maximize Your Visibility.


Each Kit Contains:

- one (1) Sheet with 12 Spoke Reflectors.
Enough for two wheels or more.

Choose from three shapes: 
1) Chevron

2) Circular

3) Squircle

Choose from three colors: 
1) White

2) Red

3) Fluorescent Yellow / Green.  

RydeSafe Bike Spoke Reflectors. Available in three colors: white, red, fluoerescent yellow and three shapes: chevron, circular, squircle (rounded rectangle)

Easy to Install:
Clean, Peel, Center, Fold, Pinch

Installation of RydeSafe Bike Spoke Reflectors is easy.

rydesafe bike spoke reflector installation

CLEAN: First you remove all grease and grime from your spokes with rubbing alcohol. Let it dry. BONE DRY and squeaky clean.

PEEL: Peel one of the self-adhesive spoke reflectors from your sheet of 12.

CENTER: Then center the decal on the spoke. Two small registration marks make that easy. Make sure to consider the wheel’s rotational direction. To minimize aerodynamic drag, you want the decal behind the spoke as it cuts through the air.

FOLD: Next, carefully fold the spoke reflector in half matching the edges up as perfectly as possible. 

PINCH: Lastly PINCH PINCH PINCH to ensure the self-adhesive surface forms and firm bond. Pay special attention to pinch together both sides and the thin bands where the decal is in contact with the spoke. 

When installed properly, the specially formulated high tack adhesive will form an enduring bond.

How Prismatic Retroreflective Technology Works

rydesafe bike spoke reflectors - prismatic retroreflective technology 

Retroreflective material is a global transportation standard. You see it everywhere. From road signs to emergency vehicles. It’s a high visibility technology that’s so intertwined with our built environment that we hardly notice it. Even so it plays a vital role in making roads safer to navigate around the world.

Now cyclists can enjoy the same safety benefits. When a motorist’s headlights are turned on, they illuminate the road and objects ahead. When the headlights bounce off a piece of retroreflective material - even at a distance - they reflect the light back in a perfect parallel path to the driver’s eyes. So object appears remarkably bright and becomes hard to ignore.

rydesafe bike spoke reflectors: how they work

Pair that bright pop with the movement of a spinning bike wheel and you can imagine the impact this has to a motorist's attention.

Please Note: Reflective products are designed to be used in combination with safety lights and along with all other mandatory safety equipment and proper road safety behaviors.

Ride Safe out there friends.

Why Quality Matters

RydeSafe Bike Spoke Reflectors are precision cut from a thin retroreflective film that’s absolutely packed with technology. Tiny of arrays of microscopic prisms make it one of the highest performing retroreflective materials available in the world. The prismatic film reflects light at a greater angle of incidence than reflective vinyls that use catadioptric glass beads embedded in the sheet. 

And not to belabor the points, but there's a lot of junk out on the market. It may look simple, but it's an extremely precise layer cake of engineering. From the adhesive to the refined microscopic prisms and how it's all put together with durable yet flexible layers of vinyl. 

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