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RydeSafe Reflective Stickers | Hexagon Kit - Large

RydeSafe Reflective Stickers | Hexagon Kit - Large

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- Available in 8 colors
- 6” by 9” sheet
- 84 decals per sheet
- Individual hexagons measure .8” (corner to corner) by  .7” (edge to edge)


Each kit lets you customize your bike and accessories. We cut our reflective stickers from an engineering-grade reflective film. They contain microscopic glass spheres that reflect light back to its source.

RydeSafe Reflective Decals are not intended as a substitute for safety lights, but will increase your visibility on the road.

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Reflective Stickers for Bikes, motorcycle, helmet, safety, hiviz, running


Reflective Stickers for bikes, motorcycle, helmet - Hexagon Stickers Rydesafe

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