NEW PRODUCT: RydeSafe Half Pound Bag of Reflective Tape

Check out our Half Pound Bag ‘O Reflective Tape. Basically you’re getting 8 oz. (sometimes more) of precious reflective tape.

You're buying a mixed bag and not the one you see in the picture. Most bags have a mix of wide and thin reflective tape ranging from 3/8" to 1" thick. Some have one big roll of 2" wide tape.

It’s the same material we us for our stickers. This material is reclaimed from our production process. Rather than send it to the landfill, we’ve carefully bundled and package it for you to utilize for your reflective projects.

This is a great thing to have around the house and should last you a while.
As you see in the video, you get a mixed bag. If you’re cool with that element of chance, then you get a super good value on what equates to 960 Square Inches of material. Which is a lot. 

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