RydeSafe Reflective Iron-On Decals, hexagons, made with 3m reflective tape

RydeSafe Iron-On Reflectives - LARGE - Hexagons - Made with 3M Heat-Applied Transfer Tape

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rydesafe iron on reflective 3m tape decals to apply to your clothes with an iron heat applied


- Hexagons measure 1" corner to corner.

- 5.25" by 8.5" Sheet

- Cut apart sheet and apply to your preferences.

- Made in U.S.A


RydeSafe Iron-On Reflective are a first-of-its-kind product that lets you customize clothing, commuter-wear, and fabric gear with eye-catching reflectivity. The material is washable (up to 50 washes. More if you air dry.) 

In developing the product, we successfully applied the iron-on decals to cotton, wool, nylon, spandex, and polyester with a household iron. They'll increase visibility on the road, but please note: They're not intended as a substitute for safety lights. Product is for use by 18+ adults only. Sorry kids.

Directions and Frequently Asked Questions below.

Also feel free to email us at: design@ rydesafe.com.

catadioptric glass bead diagram - reflectt light back to its source.


Printed instructions ship with product. 

rydesafe iron on reflective stickers made from 3m reflective tape / decal - size Small


YES! Repeated washings reduce reflectivity over time. With proper application, the material is designed remain effective up to 50 washes in cool water and tumble dried. To extend the life span, hang dry your item. If you experience decals falling off in the wash, then the adhesive most likely didn’t properly bond with the fabric.


Some yes. Some no. And you need to be super careful. Some water repellent and high-tech laminated fabrics can be sensitive to excessive heat exposure. It can mess with their efficacy and even ruin them. We don’t want you to destroy a cherished piece of clothing or gear.

RydeSafe is NOT responsible if you do.

That said, in developing the product, we successfully applied the iron-on decals to items made with cotton, wool, nylon, spandex, and polyester. And they all did great. Be sure to follow any guidance provided by your garment’s manufacturer. Go slow. And get a feel for how your item responds to the heat required to apply the Iron-on Reflectives. You can even run tests with a single decal in the underarm area.